About Me


I have always been passionate about drawing and painting since I was a child. My career began as a paste-up artist working for an advertising agency in London. After several years I realised I was going nowhere, and decided I wanted to work in an environment which offered complete freedom to paint whatever I liked.

It has been hard work trying to achieve this as a career and I came across many obstacles along the way, but I never gave up on my ambition and now feel I have accomplished a certain amount of contentment in my life. My father was a printer and he showed me the four colour printing process which was used in the printing of glossy magazines.  It looked impossible to believe that so many shades of colour could be obtained with just four colours, and this is how I taught myself to use red, yellow, blue and black for all my paintings, and it was a great discipline which I still use today.

I worked for 9 years in adult education and gained a great deal of experience in helping people to paint, and I know what it is like to be frustrated with the ability to paint and draw, but because my passion was strong I came through it. I can sympathise with those going through the same notion and can help them get through it too.

My teaching methods have proven to be successful amongst many of my students.  This being so, I now have a desire to pass this on to as many budding artist as I possibly can. I specialise in landscape, seascape, wildlife and portraits and I feel fortunate that I can paint in any medium and be able to demonstrate in my work how to save a painting from the bin by showing how to correct common mistakes.

I run my own painting courses and teach people of all abilities, everything from drawing to the final painting and work in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where everyone is offered positive encouragement and one to one tuition.